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Me, being a fricking nerd and giving myself elf-ears in all my picrew self portraits.

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This has nothing to do with any real world situations or anything but like. Hypothetically, if you were lets say already an assasin or something, how hard would it be to like just get up and assasinate a couple of motherfuckers real quick. Just a thought.

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International Lesbian Day

I know I'm a couple days late with this but I just wanted to show my support!

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australians of waterfall please if you could take a moment to sign this official parliament petition to establish a royal commission into corrupt australian news media, particularly news corp which is owned by rupert murdoch, if you're as tired of murdoch interfering with our elections as i am then we need this royal commission established!

note: the gov site atm is a little slow possibly due to traffic

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the petition was put forward by former prime minister kevin rudd and this is the tweet he posted this morning talking about it:

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The main character of our webcomic. She deserves some love too

(Character belongs to me and @nettnix and is part of our work in progress webcomic)

Sketch commission 👻

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Desperate with religious undertones is my art mood

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i know we just got an influx of new people on the site... but also we need more... 😔

Fishing on the Black Sea--Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1900

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Drawtober 01: Gyokuto

Yokai themed Drawtober prompt!

im tired of being baby now im angry

hello gamers i havent posted here in a while but here's a pixel art thing i made of Isa and her animal companion (well more like her giant son) Acacia :)!

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Azu for oreloki on Artfight

Leaving Heaven - Digital Oil Painting

I wanted him to look like he was tensing his wings, ready to unfurl them to fly away. I also wanted ‘heaven’ to look very sterile and blank, with the feeling of being very huge but empty.

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We should appreciate rainbows more. They sound like a fictional creation you would see in books or shows, but they actually exist. A rainbow is just a part of nature and science.

It's a rare phenomenon, but to look up into the sky and see all the colors arcing across the cloudy sky as sunlight breaks through... it's a marvellous sight.

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attack for ~Shainy!

Antique porcelain tiara, French, 1850's.

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Im not the best person to post about Armenia here (probably not a person to begin with), but its not like anyone else can do it

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so there appears to be a very nice carrd with a bunch of links and donation funds which doesn't contradict with what i've seen so far

as i was explained, there's Azerbajan-Armenian conflict, but Azerbajan is backed by Turkey and Turkey is financially backed by US so that's really unfair, and armenians basically consider this the continuation of Armenian genocide

everything is complicated and i might be wrong but here we have a bunch of info and a good place to start and yeah. there's another conflict in the world that goes largely uncovered so if you wanna research it there you go

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pet axolotol giving kisses to heal u

not only do I have to sow it myself but now I have to reap it too this is ridicilous

Folk songs are the best songs because they weren't made up with like, technique and performance in mind but just for the fun and joy of it. I mean people shouldn't be shamed for being 'bad' singers(and that;s like. by the music industry standards. which already makes no sense) anyway, no matter what it is they're singing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that folk songs-like, litteraly, the people's songs- really embody what music is all about at its core and all the best stuff about it, with the way they come to be.

Ok but my crankyness aside, the problem with Allen is that he does have good intentions but lacks self-awareness. So he does/says all these shitty annyoing things without even realizing that there's a problem.

On another note, like 90% of Merle's lines so far has been her calling out to Van and I am both extremely tired already and kind of impressed at the sheer range of ways Merle's VA managed to yell the same damn line so many times. I am so sorry ma'am, you deserved better dialogue.

Ep. 3:

  • a 2000s/2010s Hitomi would probably have a witchblr

  • tbh it's interesting to see how much of a habit this whole fortunetelling thing is for her

  • the dudes are fightingggggggggg

  • ok but fr this is so dumb just talk it out??? don't go straight for the sword hilt???? ssssstupid, macho knightsess

  • ok so I get that Allen is trying to be reassuring here but I am gonna side with the rest of the man-cave here- that was too corny even for my ears.

  • yea no I don't like this dude. Hitomi was already dangerously singled out and he had to go ahead and say more embarrasing nonsense. This fucker just flaunts his stupid-looking blond hair and stiff stuck up mannerisms and fake pleasantness but is ultimately just a cringey two-faced rich bitch. there is said it.

  • that was very agressive im sorry

  • anyway back to the topic and the topic is ew back off dude

  • wait are you shitting him she has a crush on him now??? are you fucking shitting me????????

  • oh, i hate this :)

  • ok so Mole-guy was at least sorry i guess but he's still in hot water as far as im concerned.

  • the dudes are fighting again

  • (and i am unimpressed again)

  • that ending song still takes me by surprise. seconds ago we were doing the whole swordfights and knights and castles song and dance and then boom here's some pop-music i guess