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i am simultaneously wanting to listen to more music and cant stand to hear another beat

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i wish i had

glowing eyes


  • fangs

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"Shark-infested waters" is like saying New York City is "infested" with humans. The sharks live there. It's their home. >:(

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another 30 min art exercise, this time with a moon and some clouds

original photo

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Everytime Sesshomaru appears on screen I'm like

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bla bla bla sibling rivalry, blabla bla "daddy gave you a cooler sword waaah", bro just stop taking out your mislplaced anger over your fathers infidelity onto your brother who, mind you, did not ask for this bullshit. its annoying. you are neither cool not badass. please see a therapist you'll feel better i promise

On another note, sure, Kikyo may be a little more than a bundle of grudges shambling around in a bipedal lump of dirt but I gotta hand it to her, she's genuniely a badass and I love how petty and sassy she got with Naraku.

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one thing stella not understand
when post is supportive & inclusive, & someone (sometime even OP) say "share to make bigot angry"

stella hope if someone accept her as autie, is not to "make ableist angry," is cause they want be nice person who think auties are ppl
& if someone accept her as queer, is not to "make homophobe/transphobe angry," is cause they want be nice person who think queer ppl are ppl

someone of marginalise group is not object which only exist to make bigot angry
& marginalise ppl not need be remind ppl hate them just cause exist
is good alienate bigotry, but just being nice person should be done to be nice, even when IS in face of bigots

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people on the internet are angry and feel good about making other people angry because this emotion is easier to feel. but the thing is, bigots are already angry all the time. sometimes they're taking this anger out on marginalised groups, even. we don't need anymore of that.

i feel like, most of the time, purposefully making people angry doesn't really solve any social justice problems at all, not in the long run at least. but some people just like the thought of making others feel negative emotions, i guess, especially when they're (often rightfully) angry themselves.

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a boy. its vinny!

Researching mythology is a trip and a half because the deeper you go the less you understand.

The simplified versions of stories are actually as clear as it gets and as soon as you scratch below the surface you have centuries upon centuries of ever changing cultural and historical context as well as tons of inconsistencies!!!!
Because if humanity could be in sync enough to come up with a single internaly consistent canon for tons of overlapping legends, myths, folktales and several deities' cults we'd be the creepy hiveminded aliens from sci-fi horror stories but also pieceing together all this bullshit wouldn't be giving me such a headache.

me: *fucks around with the lighter*

several ghosts of cavepeople watching over my shoulder in awe:

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Listen, pal, cursing ain't easy. It's gonna cost you if you want me to curse you and your entire bloodline. I'm talking at least twenty dollars for a good curse. Maybe ten if you don't care about quality.

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see i thought you were trying to tell me i coudlnt say fuck

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Curse of can't curse: only twenty dollars for every swear to be censored with the most annoying beep possible! Ten dollars and a few "fucks" and "dammits!" might slip by.

So I was lying down and trying to fall asleep

and I was in a kind of an odd position and I thought

If this were like, a comic I'd be drawn in this pose angled in the weirdest way possible while some unknown attacker approached my ~demure unasuming damselness~

but then I thought

they'll never see the smelly cockroach bitch coming :)c

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attack for ~CatDad

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ooh the way you paint the good is good

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Azu for oreloki on Artfight

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some progress,

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finally managed to draw!! my inspiration is just listening to a lot of music tbh

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